There is No "Outdoor Voice"

…And why are Montessori classrooms always so quiet??

Ever used the phase “Use your inside voice?” Consider the implications, intent and alternatives to helping give more effective messages to children about social expectations and how some small adjustments can make a real impact for you and your child.

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The Montessori Chore Chart (0-6)

Chores are an essential part of life - they are about us taking care of ourselves, our spaces and our communities. But sometimes figuring out what kinds of chores are appropriate for different ages can be well… a chore! This is usually because we are looking at just the CHORE and not the developmental context around why the chore make sense at this moment. Take a look at how the development can inform what chores your child can do and how you can help foster these skills.

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With Love, Your Pregnant Wife

About to embark on new parenthood? Spending a lot of time thinking about labor and delivery... and not so much on what happens next? Get a jump start on life after the birth, how you and your partner can support each other with this letter from one parent to the next!

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The Crawler and the Tree

Trying to figure out how to have holiday decorations that stay up throughout the holidays with a mobile baby? Find some great tips to support your mobile baby's participation in communal spaces while protecting the holiday decorations!

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5 Tips for Sibling Spaces

Siblings struggle with sharing space - usually because these are on two developmentally different wavelengths! Instead of just dealing with the tension and conflict, let's use these developmental differences to make more harmonious play spaces!

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