Topponcino: The Magic Newborn Sleep Pillow

What it's For and How to Use It

Ok, so it's not really magic, but this Italian Montessori wonder is a widely underused baby item probably because no one knows about it! If people knew about it - it would be a top pick for registries around the world. 


What is it?

Sometimes referred to as a "security pillow," the Topponcino is a flat, elliptical pillow that a newborn baby can rest in or lay on. 

Why on earth should I care about this pillow?

For sleep my dear, for sleep

(...but you can also use it for transferring a newborn from one person to another).

As you can imagine (or are currently experiencing), newborns love to be in your arms. It reassures them that someone is around who can meet their needs, it's warm, comforting and familiar. In addition, babies do their fair share of falling asleep in arms  and if we are ever to be allowed to take a potty break (or any kind of break), it sure would be nice to put the baby down. Baby has other plans though because as soon as you put her down.... "waaaaaaaaa"! And we can appreciate this - they are warm, safe and cuddled in your arms and get transferred onto a cold surface that doesn't feel familiar at all!

Enter: the Topponcino.

What's really significant about this little, flat pillow is that you can hold the baby in it, it's warm and it smells like you (and them) - so it's familiar. When you go to transfer the baby to their sleeping place, you just gently put them and the topponcino right on the mattress. They stay warm, cozy and secure. 

Why not just get a swing?

Some families swear by the swing. Many babies hate the swing. Whatever you feel about a swing, three things come to mind about using one:

  1. The swing is replacing your arms. Sleep and sanity might trump that fact, but it's true. Touch is essential to the child's well-being and a big opportunity for bonding so it's worth considering if we are planning to use something that minimizes touch. Pro tip: you can save your arms and maximize touch by bouncing on a yoga ball while you rock the baby!

  2. The baby used to live in near constant motion...but not anymore. It's important for the baby to start to acclimate to not being in motion all the time and while a swing will keep on swinging (whether needed or not), the adult will taper off the motion when the child is calm or asleep.

  3. It's short-lived. When babies start rolling around 3-4 months, the swaddle and the swing need to make their way out for safety reasons. It would appear to be a relatively short time to get everyone used to a tool you will just have to get rid of.

Where can I get one?

If you’re crafty, making a Topponcino is a fun prenatal project! You can find instructions on making one here! Alternately, you can find quality Topponcino’s from The Topponcino Company! We’ve tried these out and they are beautiful, cozy and designed to the standards of Montessori training. We were thrilled to be connected with Ryan and Amber who, like us, fell in love with this little pillow as a newborn lifesaver. With the Topponcino Company, if you order one, we get 10% back of which we are committed to donating 100% to The P.E.A.C.E. Program with the aim of expanding services. Get one here! The P.E.A.C.E. Program is a privately-funded public program that gives parents of infants and toddlers support and developmental information so that they can maximize their child’s potential during their child’s most critical years.

Happy transferring!