Valentine's - The Montessori Way

Child-Centered & Parent-Friendly

Parenting is hard...and busy, like really busy. When it comes time to having your child participate in group cards, gifts or the like, the question inevitably arises: wouldn't it just be easier if I just did it?? Well, yes. You are likely faster and more efficient than your child. But... so much of these cultural celebrations are rooted in some really great values we want our children to not only appreciate, but live in their day to day! And the only way they really absorb these values is if they themselves are the ones driving the process. Enter, Montessori. Montessori Education is all about trying to find the balance between supporting the child's individual development, interests, and capacities while guiding them to be successful social people within their culture and community.

For this Valentine's Day, our hope is to help you do this in such a way that it doesn't drive you nuts :)


  • 24" x 36" poster paper - (this would turn into roughly 4x6 size cards for 24 kids)

  • A rubber stamp (for added decoration if you'd like)

  • Dot markers/ Dot paint (this is easiest, but of course anything of the like will do!)

  • Small Adhesive Labels (for added decoration if you'd like)

  • Scissors

to make



1. Child paints or otherwise decorates the whole paper. They can do this whole process themselves (as long as the paint stays on the paper!)



Add a stamp to each one to create a writing space for your card. We liked the jar stamp because it was larger, but can be anything! Children love stamping! Show them how to ink the stamp and then press once for the clearest images!



Cut paper into 5 rows and 6 columns (for 30) or 4 rows and 6 columns (for 24). Sometimes its nice to have extra! If you cut one set of strips and fold the marks of the others, the child can cut the strips.



Children love stickers and they can adhere the label to the card. If they can write, have them write their name. If not, write their name in front of them so they see the process :)

You're Welcome :)