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Tuesdays, 10am-12pm - FREE

Come join the fun and learn about your child’s development in a Montessori play space! This group is open to expecting families, parents, caregivers and their 0-12 month old non-walking infants! Our facilitator, Mariana Bissonnette, is an AMI 0-6 trained educator and parent of two. Grand Lake Montessori also sponsors Home Visits for group attendees!

Baby & Me was a great space to just listen and share. It’s been interesting to hear about what issues other mothers have, especially for babies older than mine, which gives me a sense of what I could expect down the road. The facilitators provide some perspective but never tell mothers what to do. Overall it has been a really helpful group and a fun experience!
— Kate, parent of a 2 month old

Parent Workshops



Home Visits

Books and blogs can only take you so far. Every child is different and every family is too! Let us help you reach your parenting goals with a home visit (in-person or online) where we will help you set up your space and understand your child’s development! Our approach is personalized, informative and actionable so you have effective tips to use right away. Here's what parents are saying.



  • Two main topics: from toys and tools for learning, starting solids (to create a healthy eater), developing personal responsibility and self-care and more!

  • Visit Notes with developmental information and personal recommendations from the visit

  • Specific ways/tools to support this development

  • Recommendations on how to prepare your home environment to support the child

  • Specific recommendations/demonstrations on how to work with the child

Our PEACE Partners

We are partnered with Grand Lake Montessori to provide the earliest home visits for FREE. When you connect with Grand Lake Montessori by either a school tour or attending our Baby & Me group, you can get up to six home visits sponsored by the school. This typically supports you and your family over the course of your baby's first year. 

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LUCY is a benefit sold to employers to gift to their expecting employees. LUCY packages include in-home or virtual sessions with a wide range of supportive experts. Our founder, Mariana Bissonnette, is LUCY's Early Childhood Expert and offers our home visits for families receiving LUCY benefits.

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