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support, community & early education 

Parenting is exhausting, overwhelming and amazing all at the same time - and its often harder than it has to be! As parents, we are tasked with being our children's first teacher without training or a manual while dedicated early childhood educators have largely been missing from the conversation...until now! Arc Montessori connects you to a community of parents and to trained early childhood educators to help you on your parenting journey.

We offer community groups, classes and home visits (online or in-person) as well as a host of resources, tips and ideas on our blog.




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We strongly believe in the modern village model where new parents are banded together instead of apart. Our groups offer supportive, community spaces where you can connect with other parents as well as trained educators.


baby & me @ grand lake montessori

This Baby & Me group meets once a week and is for expecting parents and families with non-walking infants 0-12 months old. Parents and infants welcome. RSVP is required. We sometimes host music groups, informal classes on starting solids, discussions around sleep, language development and more! Grand Lake Montessori also sponsors home visits for group attendees!


Do you have questions about Montessori education, parenting or child development? Join Montessori FAQ and ask today! We have a team of certified Montessori teachers ready to answer your questions! From "what is the difference between baby-led weaning and Montessori weaning?" to "What gifts can I recommend grandparents get my baby?" - its your forum, ask today!


workshops & classes


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Get parenting support from a community of parents, facilitated by an early childhood educator! Our classes and workshops are hosted by local Montessori schools or available in our shop (coming soon!). Hear what parents are saying about our workshops!


Prenatal classes

Our prenatal classes give you the information you need about life after baby. Get a glimpse into postpartum life, your child's early essential development and home set-up tips & gear recommendations with you and your child's development in mind. 

parenting the newborn

Arc Montessori is at Grand Lake Montessori with our Parenting the Newborn workshop! When we think of the child's first year, we know there is an incredible amount of development and that it serves as a critical foundation for the child. But this is also a time that is the most difficult for parents! Join us for this two hour workshop with other expecting families to learn about how to support both the parent and the baby in this first important year (and beyond!). Workshops are open to the public an offered throughout the academic year. 

FREE (sponsored by Grand Lake Montessori)

parenting workshops

Join us for a parenting workshop to learn more about your child's development from birth to six, how that can help but their behavior into context and get effective strategies to use right away (even that same night!)! From tantrums to mealtimes, chores to sibling conflict, we give you practical information and tools you can use. 

"Let's Talk" Series

Arc Montessori is at Grand Lake Montessori with our "Let's Talk" workshops! Each 2-part series will focus on a theme: the child’s work with an adult, themselves, or their peers. These workshops feature two events: one lecture based on the theme and a follow up discussion a few weeks later. The "Let's Talk" series is geared toward families with children 1-6 years old. Workshops are open to the public an offered throughout the academic year. 

Sliding scale $0-$35 per family per night. Childcare available for GLM students.


Featured Lecture: Conflict, Resolution & the Birth of Collaboration

Mariana Bissonnette, founder of Arc Montessori, will be speaking at BAMA (Bay Area Montessori Association). In this talk, learn about how collaboration naturally comes about  and come away with practical tools to move conflicts to resolution. Join us Dec. 2nd from 9am-12pm

material making workshops

Do you like to make things? Get a group of friends together or join an existing group for a guided workshop! These workshops are hosted at one of the participants houses and are a fun, interactive way to meet other families, ask questions and leave with some great materials! All you need is a minimum of 5 (maximum of 10) families to come together we will agree on a date! All materials are included. Contact us for more information.


Montessori Cursive Magnet Letters 

Join an upcoming group or create your own to have a guided workshop about literacy with an Early Childhood Educator and make your own set of cursive Montessori refrigerator magnets.

Montessori Mobile Making

Join an upcoming group or create your own to have a guided workshop about play and early motor development with an Early Childhood Educator and make your own Montessori mobile!


home visits



schedule a home visit

Books and blogs can only take you so far. Sometimes things really resonate, sometimes it feels like your child is the one exception. Every child is different and every family is too! Let us help you reach your parenting goals with a home visit (in-person or online) where we will help you set up your space and understand your child. Our approach is personalized, informative and actionable so you have effective tips to use right away. Here's what parents are saying.



  • Two main topics: from toys and tools for learning, starting solids (to create a healthy eater), developing personal responsibility and self-care and more!

  • Visit Notes with developmental information and personal recommendations from the visit

  • Specific ways/tools to support this development

  • Recommendations on how to prepare your home environment to support the child

  • Specific recommendations/demonstrations on how to work with the child

Our partners

We are partnered with Grand Lake Montessori to provide the earliest home visits for FREE. When you connect with Grand Lake Montessori by either a school tour or attending our Baby & Me group, you can get up to six home visits sponsored by the school. This typically supports you and your family over the course of your baby's first year. 

Learn more at

LUCY is a benefit sold to employers to gift to their expecting employees. LUCY packages include in-home or virtual sessions with a wide range of supportive experts. Our founder, Mariana Bissonnette, is LUCY's Early Childhood Expert and offers our home visits for families receiving LUCY benefits.

Learn more at 





home visit testimonials

jessie adam.JPG
Nothing compares to the amazing experience of Arc Montessori Home Visits. No matter how much you know about parenting, child development, or Montessori philosophy, the Facilitators will change the way you parent (in a good way). I was worried that I would be told what I was doing wrong and instead she was nothing but warm, caring, and supportive. She focused on what was important to me. Her ability to personalize the information is an invaluable experience that no book can provide. And she makes you feel like a great parent too! I recommend this program to any parent at any point in the process. I only wish I’d found her sooner!!
— Jessie & Jeff, parent of a 5 month old

We met with Arc Montessori every two months since our daughter was 3 months old and each session we have brings with it SO many new tools and a comprehensive understanding of where our daughter is developmentally and what is coming up. Our daughter’s self confidence and ability to trust herself and ask for help when she needs it is a direct result of the resources, tools and support that Arc Montessori has shared with us over the past 15 months!
— Amy & James, parent of a 15 month old
After our first home visit with Arc Montessori, we are already feeling so grateful for the service she offers. The Overview of the Child session provided a framework that left us feeling less daunted, more empowered, and most of all excited to embark on this new journey as a couple and family. As first time parents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, reactive, or paralyzed when thinking of what’s to come and what we need to do to prepare. This home visit was a big step forward for us in the direction of becoming the intentional, informed parents we know we can be.
— Alexis & Jon, expecting parents
Our facilitator was so helpful and insightful. She took the time to explain the why behind everything, which made it so much easier to understand how specific tools and approaches are aimed at meeting specific development phases and needs. I learned so much more than I ever could from a book!
— Kate & Mattias, parent of a 2 month old
My first home visit with Arc Montessori was awesome. I initially reached out for information of where my daughter is developmentally and what I can do as a parent to support her. I received so much information from toys and clothing. My overall experience was listening to someone be a spokesperson for my child. I was moved to tears.
— Deserae, parent of an 8 month old
As the mother of toddler twins I highly appreciate the feedback and ideas I received from the home visit by Arc Montessori. Not only did I receive help in setting up their work/play area with meaningful and age appropriate activities but I was also able to observe a highly qualified teacher introduce my girls to these activities and observe how my girls responded to them. I got a lot of great ideas on how to redirect and set clear expectations with my girls as they learn to share their work space with each other. Their ‘work time’ the past three days after the visit has been so much more focused as well. Thank you!
— Anna-Maria & Joel, parents of toddler twins


baby & me testimonials

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.13.30 AM.png
The group has been incredibly supportive in the week-to-week changes and bewilderment involved in caring for an infant, and in providing a community to connect with. The sponsored home visits were especially helpful in extending the support to my home and in introducing me to the Montessori method and educating me on seeking to learn from and trust in my child. I’m a Montessori convert!
— Sabrin, parent of a toddler and 3 month old
Baby & Me is the highlight of my week. I love connecting with the other moms, but most of all, I appreciate the insight into baby’s development. I leave every meeting feeling confident and inspired. I can’t thank you enough for this!
— Mariah, parent of a 6 year old, 4 year old & a 4 month old
Baby & Me was a great space to just listen and share with other mothers about what’s on our minds at the moment. It’s been interesting to hear about what issues other mothers have, especially for babies older than mine, which gives me a sense of what I could expect down the road. The Facilitators are great - they are so knowledgeable but don’t claim to have all the answers. They provide some perspective but never tell mothers what to do. There is never any judgement. Overall it has been a really helpful group and a fun experience.
— Kate, parent of a 2 month old


parent classes & workshop testimonials

We immediately started to use the language [from the Conflict Resolution talk] with our girls (2 and 6) and we noticed an immediate reduction in conflict escalation. Thank you!
— Leila, parent of a 7 and 3 year old
This workshop was so helpful! I appreciated knowing more about the Montessori methodology. Our presenter took all questions in stride and was thoughtful in her responses.
— Anne, parent of a toddler
Really enjoyed our first class. It was well-organized, covered a lot of information, and was very useful!
— Jessica, parent of a preschooler
The workshop provided solid concrete frameworks that we immediately began using at home. The workshop was extremely helpful. Thank you!
— Matt, parent of a preschooler
I very much enjoyed the presentation and found it very useful. The way the developmental theories of Montessori were tied into every-day life was insightful. Thanks and see you next time!
— Will, parent of a 7 and 4 year old
Thank you so much for the informative workshop. I immediately put into practice (that very night!) some of your suggestions and language. We were amazed to see how much an improved understanding of our 3-year-old daughter’s perspective and developmental motivations enabled us to circumvent and de-escalate some routine battles. As a working couple, the few hours we get to spend together as a family each evening are precious, so it’s unfortunate that those are also the hours when everybody is a little frayed. ANY help is appreciated, and you had so much great advice! Thanks again for your time and energy in preparing and presenting such valuable material to support parents.
— Alana, parent of a 4 year old
“Thanks so much for putting on these workshops. We have found them very helpful to think differently about how we approach situations with our children.”
— Matthew, parent of a toddler and preschooler
This was really helpful for me. I really need more practice; in the midst of dealing with my kids’ conflicts, I’m reverting back to what I’ve been doing and not using new methods.
— Yona, parent of a preschooler

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