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Professional Development and Parent Education



We work with Montessori school leaders, teachers and parents to engage, inspire and invigorate your community around the changing tide toward developmental education. Whether you are interested in hosting the full suite of Parent Education programs we offer through P.E.A.C.E., are looking for an engaging Professional Development workshop for your staff, or a one-on-one instructional coach for your teachers, we have some exciting programs for you.

The P.E.A.C.E. Program (Parent Education and Child Empowerment) is a parent education service that can be attached to your schools’ programming. Our facilitator’s are highly qualified AMI 0-3 educators with extensive background in working directly with parents. We bring a community of parents to your school site to access developmental information, support, and early Montessori education. Here’s what parents are saying.

Our Professional Development Workshops are highly engaging, inspiring and deeply grounded in Montessori theory and child development pedagogy. Our AMI 0-18 trained facilitators have also been classroom teachers at each level and can speak from personal experience in these interactive workshops. We have several featured workshops and in addition, can create a workshop on any topic of your choice.

Our Instructional Coaching model gives your teachers hands on support in their classrooms. We focus our work on giving teachers actionable tools to implement Montessori Education. We ground our coaching in observation and can help both new and seasoned teachers deepen their practice by aligning their materials and presentation to the child’s observable development in the room.