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As Montessori teachers, we are tasked with the incredible work of guiding and caring for children in a completely individualized curriculum. We must know the sequence of materials, lessons, and keep track of where each child is, all alongside managing a class whose core foundations are to give them children freedom with appropriate limits. Its exhausting and amazing at the exact same time! 

We help connect you to a cohort of Montessori educators and help you put Montessori theory into practice in your classroom.






Groups, community & events

Community groups and services for teachers with teachers in mind. We will be adding more events and community opportunities so keep in touch to find out more!



Do you love sharing about Montessori and wish there was an avenue for parents to get high-quality, accurate information about Montessori? We are a community of internationally trained Montessori practitioners that come together to put out the best answer to parent's most pressing questions on Montessori FAQ! If you are AMI 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, or 12-18 trained, join the conversation today!


map record keeping

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record keeping

By teachers, for teachers.

This is a free web-app for 3-6 Montessori teachers.


Map - digital montessori record-keeping

This is the next generation of Montessori record-keeping. We've automated lessons, reduced your lesson planning time, and made it possible to observe and record all in just a few clicks! We are faster, smarter and more accurate than anything else out there. We are Map.


professional development

workshops & classes




our professional development workshops

We offer a host of professional development workshops to work with you and your colleagues about engaging Montessori theory and practice. In addition to the standard workshops below, we will build a workshop about what you want to focus on - from freedoms & limits, to parent communications, to transitioning to the next level.

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Previous Workshops


Welcoming the not-yet-concious child into the prepared environemnt

In this workshop, we will talk about the child transitioning from the first half of the first plane to the second: "from unconscious creator to conscious worker". We will talk about the child's development and strategies to employ to best support this child in Toddler and/or Primary Montessori environments.


Parent communications: strategies to create buy-in and build strong relationships with your parents

In this workshop, we will talk about prioritizing parent communications that matter, using data to inform ways in which we reach parents (and use the avenues that work) as well as addressing how to navigate difficult situations by phone, email or in person.



instructional coaching



instructional coaching

Montessori is amazing but hard to teach. Let us help you apply Montessori theory into practice with hands on classroom coaching! We work with you one on one from sequencing the curriculum, making transitions successful, working with other classroom teachers or parents, to preparing your environment. All coaching includes observation of the classroom.

Our Approach

We want to help you and your teachers bring Montessori theory to life based on real observations of your room and working to achieve your goals in the classroom and school. We observe the classroom throughout the coaching period and develop a framework for support with each teacher. Generally, we will observe for 30-60 minutes and then meet with the teacher for 1-1.5 hours - this is one coaching cycle. Each coaching cycle includes follow up email support and notes from the meeting. We highly recommend successive coaching cycles to see the most results.

Our Coach!

Currently, we have one AMI coach serving the SF Bay Area for in home providers and classrooms from birth to six - Mariana Bissonnette. Here's how she describes her coaching style:

"It's exciting for me to be working with teachers and classrooms to be able to offer additional support in  bringing Montessori theory to life! I have AMI 0-6 diplomas and 7 years of teaching experience at in Montessori toddler and primary. I’ve also parented my two kids with Montessori at home from birth.  What I love about Montessori education is that you can put it to the test! I believe (and have seen time and again!) that in being scientific observers and by purposefully preparing our environments, we affirm what Montessori found all these years ago. My coaching style is reflective with a focus on observation and putting theory into practice. My core focus is on sequencing the curriculum (on the shelves and with lesson planning) and balancing freedom and limits in the classroom with the children. I bring relevant Montessori readings, anecdotes, observations and other relevant materials to meetings and I look forward to working with you!"

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