A true passion for developmental education.


We are a team of parents and Montessori educators who both came to Montessori education from the public education sector. Time and again, we have found the learning environment, materials and curriculum of the Montessori Method unmatched in its caliber, purpose, and integrated approach to social, cognitive, physical and emotional learning (and recent research would agree!). As such, we are truly passionate about this model of developmental education as a radial step forward for the next generation.

Arc Montessori was born out of the recognition of the essential role of the adult in the life of the child, both at home and at school. We recognize that in order to implement Montessori’s ingenious educational framework of following the child’s arc of development, we must layer an “arc” of support for the adult working with them. We stand beside parents, educators and school leaders as peers to best support you in implementing the highest caliber developmental education for the children in your care.


Meet Our Founders

Mariana Bissonnette  (she / her) ,  Founder

Mariana Bissonnette (she / her), Founder

I’m originally from the SF Bay Area and hold an AMI Montessori diploma for children ages 0-3 and 3-6 and have teaching experience at each of those levels. I have been working in Montessori classrooms since 2010 and most recently have been guiding adults through workshops and instructional coaching. Since becoming a parent of two, I developed Arc Montessori’s P.E.A.C.E. program where I work extensively with parents to support developmental education at home. I also hold an MA in Economics.
— Mariana Bissonnette
Daniel Bissonnette  (he / his) ,  Founder

Daniel Bissonnette (he / his), Founder

I was born in Oakland, CA but spent my childhood in Yokohama, Japan. I hold three AMI Montessori diplomas for the 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 levels and have teaching experience in all three. I also hold several public credentials, including a cleared CA Math credential, a CA Administrative credential, as well as an MS in Educational Leadership. I have been teaching Montessori since 2012 and most recently have been working alongside public and private Montessori administrators on deepening the implementation of Montessori education. I am also a parent of two!
— Daniel Bissonnette