I think this is a fantastic service to the community. After one visit I already feel like I have a better understanding of some basic developmental issues and it feels grounding to have access to a developmental expert!
— Holly, parent of a 7 month old
I knew very little about the Montessori method of parenting prior to the home visit. Learning about the Montessori method and philosophy was very illuminating. I took away many actionable items such as playroom and bedroom setup for my daughter that we are already implementing.
— Barbara, parent of an 8 month old
Thanks Mariana! After each visit we’ve felt inspired and excited to put into practice your tips and advice. You can spend a long time reading books and blogs and still not learn as much as you share with us in just an hour.
— Kate, parent of a 10 month old
Mariana and the P.E.A.C.E. Home Visits are phenomenal resources! I deeply appreciate both her immense knowledge around child development, as well as her nonjudgmental approach to coaching parents. She understands everyone has different situations and styles, and works with you to figure out how to deeply respect and support your little one as they grow. So thrilled to have this support as we become parents!
— Whitney, expecting parent
This was a great service. I am fully supportive of the Montessori methods and love that they simplify what the baby actually needs. I look forward to more information as she gets older.
— -Amanda, parent of a 5 month old
After the home visit we started letting baby fall asleep on his own. We didn’t realize he was so ready for this!
— Carolina, parent of a 4 month old
Our experience with The P.E.A.C.E. Program, and Mariana in particular, has been incredible. The weekly Baby & Me class and home visits are such great resources for new parents like us. We really haven’t come across anything else like it. They are really doing a wonderful service helping parents better understand child development so we can set up environments to help our kids thrive. We are so grateful for Mariana and Arc Montessori. Thank you!
— Adrian, parent of an 8 month old
Through my experiences at the Baby & Me group, watching online tutorials on the Montessori blog, and our first home visit, I’ve gained so much confidence as a mother. I’m thrilled to have the tools and techniques to aid my son in every stage of his development! I’m sure that, using what I’ve learned, my son will be involved, challenged, and happy as he makes his way through his first year of life.
— Megan, parent of a 6 month old
Every home visit leaves us with new ideas. Most of the time, though, it’s a reminder to step back and let our son show us the way. We always end up feeling more confident that we’re doing the right thing and it gives us reinforcement to keep going!
— Kate, parent of a 6 month old
We reached out to Mariana on how to best support our toddler son who has a lot of energy. I was nervous we would have to restrict his behavior, but she helped us understand how to appropriately use his motivations and how give clear and consistent messages that support him and his development.
— Marissa, parent of a toddler
Mariana talked about our baby’s developmental stage and helped us think about how to match our home set-up to best support baby. The information was really accessible and felt useful immediately!
— Mariah, parent of three
Mariana was clear & concise and a joy to receive advice from, talking to her made us realize with a few small adjustments, we can truly integrate our baby’s life within our own at home. We would highly recommend a visit from Arc Montessori for any new parents seeking sage advice on their own baby’s development.
— Diana, parent of a 4 month old
This is been one of the most helpful sources of the practical, doable advice.I really like the approach to parenting that you recommend.
— Rachel, parent of a 7 month old
I’ve been going to the drop in group for a couple months, but having Mariana to our house was both helpful and so much more personalized. I was able to ask so many more questions than I typically do in the group, and she was able to see my child in his own environment and cater her responses accordingly. I’m excited for our next visit in a couple months!
— Jenalee, parent of an 8 month old
Home visits allowed us to focus on the immediate development phase that my son was in. We were able to tailor the space in our home appropriately, and Mariana taught us how to teach him to self feed, gave us tips on how to react to some of his behaviors. The list is endless.
— Parent of a toddler
Mariana is incredibly knowledgeable, and understanding of our own space, constraints, and needs. She is wonderful to work with and I am excited to partner with her again!
— Iris, parent of a 7 month old
My time at Montessori has been the best and most educational. Being a new mom can be overwhelming and there is so much information out there. These groups and visits helped me navigate through the first year and get set up for toddler hood. My only regret is not knowing about it earlier. This is the best and most welcoming parent group I’ve been to
— Amanda, parent of a 11 month old
This service has been absolutely invaluable . We all have an idea of how we want to raise our kids, but Mariana gives you the tools to do it from day one. I feel like Adam, myself, and our whole family is just so much better off after taking her program and implementing her suggestions. You are clearly talking to an expert when you’re with Mariana but she is so humble about her wealth of knowledge. She is completely positive in her approach, and does not criticize or judge. Really an amazing experience.
— Jessie, parent of a 10 month old
Mariana was so incredibly helpful in sharing insights and helping us see more clearly how the routines we start today effect the ease of future “discomforts”. Mariana is very warm and thoughtful and we are truly looking forward to seeing her again.
— Korri, parent of a 2 month old
Excellent guidance on all topics related to baby’s development! Thank you!
— Rita, parent of a 6 month old
I loved the group atmosphere and there was some great information shared! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such a valuable service for the community. I think I was looking for a little bit more time spent on the how or why for developmental recommendations instead of so much on the ‘gear’, but that might just be because I already had everything ready to go for my little one with how far along in pregnancy I am. Overall I would definitely recommend and hope to join future meetups and workshops! Thank you.
— Michelle, expecting parent