Developmentally aligned spaces and tools for children make parenting a lot easier, but they don't come with an owner's manual (and neither does the kid!). Our tutorials walk you through your most pressing questions about the parenting side of early childhood - from setting up play spaces to teaching utensils and starting solids, and more to come!


Movement & Toys: 0-6 Months

Watch how the child's motor developments grow in the first six months in a developmentally accessible play space aligned to his growing capacities and potential.


Starting solids: beyond the food

We know that mealtimes are about more than just the food...and starting solids is no different! Look beyond the food with this tutorial to help you support your child in using real utensils (the tools to use and when to introduce them!) in addition to learning prosocial eating habits for peaceful, community-oriented mealtimes! This tutorial is narrated by our founder - AMI 0-6 Montessori educator and parent of two, Mariana Bissonnette - and follows an infant from the beginning of starting solids to becoming proficient at the family meal (by just 12 months!) with all the "how-to's" along the way.


movement & toys: 6-12 Months

Once the child begins to sit around 6 months, they go through an avalanche of gross motor developments until they can walk! They go from sitting to crawling, standing to cruising all in just 6 months (some even less!). All this movement spurs a rash of cognitive advances, especially with sequencing. See the child's motor and cognitive developments unfold with developmentally supportive toys along the way!